quilts made with triangles

Sewing a little..........

My daughter-in-law stopped yesterday afternoon with an elephant ear from the fair for me.  It was still warm!  Yum!!  Deep fried bread dough, butter, sugar and cinnamon, what could be better.
While she was here I asked if we could make a path to my sewing machine.  She moved the dining room chairs out and rearranged the bookshelves on wheels.

Next I needed to clean off the top of the cabinet.  Most of it was just shifted over to a shelf on the rolling cart.

Remember the little 2" pinwheels made of the Australian fabrics?  The fabric I thought I was going to use as alternate squares didn't work so I used this yellow one.  The squares are 2" finished so you can do the math to see how little it is.  I will have more fabric to cut the little triangles from when I cut the rest of the Hunter Star blocks so I may add on to this later.

In the spring and summer I pull out all of the Goldenrod that I see but there are always a few plants that I miss.  This one is out by the raised tomato plant bed.

A day in the studio............

I was home all day yesterday and spent 3/4 of the time in my studio.  I cut 41 more small squares for the Seed Packet quilt......I mean I fussy cut every square one at a time.  No speed cutting there.  If a fabric had more than one kind of flower I cut several from that fabric.  I think I have enough now for the double row around the quilt.
But first I need to get this quilt off the design wall.  I cut more pieces and sewed the rest of the blocks, moved a few around to new positions and started sewing it together.  I have just four more seams to sew and the top will be finished...unless I decide to add a border.

I need to get this quilt off another design wall and I'm still undecided on sashing fabric.  I put the one on the left up there yesterday.  It is kind of an apricot/gold with a mum design on it.  The one on the right is one of the original fabrics I tried and is a beige print.  I'm still undecided.

A little sewing............

The friend I have been cutting quilt pieces for came over yesterday morning.  She used my design walls while I finished the cutting for the first of three quilts. 

The sun was behind clouds and there was a nice breeze so I got the lawn mowed in two sessions in the tropical humidity.  We have rain and more heat predicted so I had to get it done.

Last night I sewed more pinwheels from the box of triangle squares and then had to stop and wind bobbins.
On Sunday afternoon I dug out the last of the ditch lilies that never bloomed in this shady area and moved one more hosta to their spot.  I neatened up the rock edging.  I live on a street where there are no cross streets for 3 blocks so kids want to cut across our backyards to get from one street to another.  I can't stop them so I made the path through a little wider.  They had already broken off some of the Husker Red Penstemon plants that I put there earlier in the spring.   It has been a few years since there were kids coming through so I wasn't expecting this when I did the planting.

Busy work...........

I was going to do some cutting last night.  Then I saw the box with the triangle squares that were left over after making the Friendship Star quilt.  Since there were 4 squares alike of 51 combinations I started sewing them together in pinwheels.  They are a 6" finished block so that is not enough for a quilt.  I may try every other block a pinwheel with plain squares between.  

I have several areas that need major reorganization so I will be doing that too.

Meanwhile someone took me up on my offer of Pulmonaria plants so I dug them out while she was here.  Then later in the day I planted some Coreopsis where 2 of the holes were and then continued on my cleanup of weeds.  I'm digging out a lot of the violet plants too because there must be 100 of them in that back garden.  After they bloom the leaves grow really large and they are about 12" tall.  I would rather have some blooming plants back there than all leaves for the rest of the summer.

Friendship Star quilt top...........

I sewed the last three horizontal seams on this quilt top and then had the job of pressing it.  It measures 44.5" x 63".  Maybe I'll use one of my 60" wide fabrics for the backing, or I could use several of the long strips that were cutaways from other backings sewn side by side.  That will be a decision for another day. 

Here are some of the Begonias that I wintered over in my kitchen.  They seem to like it outside.  I spent about 2 hours trying to clear an area in the front garden and using a lot of weed killer.  I have a long way to go but at least it is started.  Then I squirted several dandelions and other weeds with weed killer.  I ended up by pulling weeds out in my new Hosta bed.  

About a third of my commenters are NO REPLY people.  Thanks for your comments (I really enjoy them) but if you don't get an answer back from me you know you are a NO REPLY.   

Some miscellany: Site Meter which counts how many visitors I have is shutting down permanently on July 1.  I will really miss it.  I remember when my 1,000,000th visitor came while I was in NC 5 years ago.  Now I am approaching my 3,000,000th visitor.  My 10th anniversary as a blogger is coming up on July 4th too.  Lots of numbers: I have lived in this house 45 years, my birthday will be a double number this fall, 77.  I have always been the stats person in my family, fascinated by numbers.  More than you wanted to know no doubt.

Three more seams.............

I got nine more horizontal seams sewn on the Friendship Star quilt top, three more to go.  

My granddaughter cooked a beef roast in the crockpot yesterday and invited her mom and dad and me over for a meal and the movie Beauty and the Beast.  Everyone had been telling me how great the movie was and I have to agree with them.

The Annabelle Hydrangeas are doing well.   This one is right next to my front porch.  I have another smaller one by the back of the house.

The first Balloon flower has bloomed.  I read that they don't like to be transplanted but I'm going to try anyway.

There is a whole row of them near the sidewalk.  I'm going to try to remove the ones closest to the sidewalk and transplant them in the backyard garden. 

It was really hot yesterday so I only spent a small amount of time outside deadheading the last of the peonies and cutting some volunteer trees.

Horizontal seams.......

I got the last 9 vertical seams sewn yesterday afternoon and last night sewed 8 horizontal seams.  All of the rest of the rows are webbed to the sewn section.

My granddaughter brought the 2 great-grandsons to my house and we walked to the closest city park.  It was a beautiful day to be outside.  I planted another Shasta Daisy before they got here and went out and pulled tons of Creeping Charlie after they left.
I noticed some black raspberries had ripened and was surprised when I started picking them how many there were. I had them over ice cream last night.  I noticed a Japanese Beetle on the bush.  I sure hope we won't have a lot of them this year.

Sewing long seams.......

I decided to sew the squares together in long columns top to bottom instead of sewing the squares into blocks and then assembling the quilt top.  I have 5 of 14 long seams sewn.  My neck was feeling better but I didn't want to push it and sew any more.  We got another little rain shower yesterday afternoon, about a third of an inch.  I haven't had to water anything outside for over a week now with little rains several times a week.  The areas of brown grass in the lawn are turning green again.

A few more rows..........

I pulled out the blocks with the darkest lights in them and then I added one more row on the left and 2 rows on the bottom.  I ended up using a few of the darker ones again in the bottom rows because I was out of light ones.  It should finish about 45" x 63" now.  I pulled a muscle in my neck and have been dealing with pain for a few days.  Some things I do irritate it, like cutting and basically most things looking down.  I think looking down while hand stitching the binding really irritated it.  Working at the design wall doesn't bother it at all.  I hope to get to cutting the wide borders for the other quilt today or tomorrow.

Colorful day..........

After I finish a project I need to just play for awhile to decide what to do next.  Every time I see a Friendship Star quilt I know I want to make one.  I had a box of 3" finished triangle squares (no batiks) and a little bag of 3.5" green print squares so I started playing with a layout on the design wall.  I think the blocks with the darker light colors will have to come out.  Maybe they can be on the back.  This will just be a small quilt to go in my gifting pile.  I'm linking to Scraptastic Tuesday.  Click here to check out the other links.
Then I tackled the one I have been procrastinating about.  I got the other 3 narrow borders sewn on and then I hung it on a double design wall to be sure they were just the right length.  The trouble with sewing a border onto an all bias edge is that you want it neither too small or too big.  Either way causes big problems once you get the outside borders sewn on.  I think it looks good so I will cut the wide border today.
While mowing the grass I spotted the greenery to be featured for the day.  The bluish green hosta was only half this size last year.  The leaves are fairly small on this one compared to my big leaf plants.  I split this one a couple years ago so I have 2 or 3 of them.

I counted 7 little tomatoes on the Early Girl plant and 2 or 3 each on several of the other plants.  I don't remember how many days it takes for them to grow to full size and ripen but I suspect I'm going to have a lot of tomatoes at the same time.