Friendship Star quilt top...........

I sewed the last three horizontal seams on this quilt top and then had the job of pressing it.  It measures 44.5" x 63".  Maybe I'll use one of my 60" wide fabrics for the backing, or I could use several of the long strips that were cutaways from other backings sewn side by side.  That will be a decision for another day. 

Here are some of the Begonias that I wintered over in my kitchen.  They seem to like it outside.  I spent about 2 hours trying to clear an area in the front garden and using a lot of weed killer.  I have a long way to go but at least it is started.  Then I squirted several dandelions and other weeds with weed killer.  I ended up by pulling weeds out in my new Hosta bed.  

About a third of my commenters are NO REPLY people.  Thanks for your comments (I really enjoy them) but if you don't get an answer back from me you know you are a NO REPLY.   

Some miscellany: Site Meter which counts how many visitors I have is shutting down permanently on July 1.  I will really miss it.  I remember when my 1,000,000th visitor came while I was in NC 5 years ago.  Now I am approaching my 3,000,000th visitor.  My 10th anniversary as a blogger is coming up on July 4th too.  Lots of numbers: I have lived in this house 45 years, my birthday will be a double number this fall, 77.  I have always been the stats person in my family, fascinated by numbers.  More than you wanted to know no doubt.