Colorful day..........

After I finish a project I need to just play for awhile to decide what to do next.  Every time I see a Friendship Star quilt I know I want to make one.  I had a box of 3" finished triangle squares (no batiks) and a little bag of 3.5" green print squares so I started playing with a layout on the design wall.  I think the blocks with the darker light colors will have to come out.  Maybe they can be on the back.  This will just be a small quilt to go in my gifting pile.  I'm linking to Scraptastic Tuesday.  Click here to check out the other links.
Then I tackled the one I have been procrastinating about.  I got the other 3 narrow borders sewn on and then I hung it on a double design wall to be sure they were just the right length.  The trouble with sewing a border onto an all bias edge is that you want it neither too small or too big.  Either way causes big problems once you get the outside borders sewn on.  I think it looks good so I will cut the wide border today.
While mowing the grass I spotted the greenery to be featured for the day.  The bluish green hosta was only half this size last year.  The leaves are fairly small on this one compared to my big leaf plants.  I split this one a couple years ago so I have 2 or 3 of them.

I counted 7 little tomatoes on the Early Girl plant and 2 or 3 each on several of the other plants.  I don't remember how many days it takes for them to grow to full size and ripen but I suspect I'm going to have a lot of tomatoes at the same time.