Busy work...........

I was going to do some cutting last night.  Then I saw the box with the triangle squares that were left over after making the Friendship Star quilt.  Since there were 4 squares alike of 51 combinations I started sewing them together in pinwheels.  They are a 6" finished block so that is not enough for a quilt.  I may try every other block a pinwheel with plain squares between.  

I have several areas that need major reorganization so I will be doing that too.

Meanwhile someone took me up on my offer of Pulmonaria plants so I dug them out while she was here.  Then later in the day I planted some Coreopsis where 2 of the holes were and then continued on my cleanup of weeds.  I'm digging out a lot of the violet plants too because there must be 100 of them in that back garden.  After they bloom the leaves grow really large and they are about 12" tall.  I would rather have some blooming plants back there than all leaves for the rest of the summer.