A little sewing............

The friend I have been cutting quilt pieces for came over yesterday morning.  She used my design walls while I finished the cutting for the first of three quilts. 

The sun was behind clouds and there was a nice breeze so I got the lawn mowed in two sessions in the tropical humidity.  We have rain and more heat predicted so I had to get it done.

Last night I sewed more pinwheels from the box of triangle squares and then had to stop and wind bobbins.
On Sunday afternoon I dug out the last of the ditch lilies that never bloomed in this shady area and moved one more hosta to their spot.  I neatened up the rock edging.  I live on a street where there are no cross streets for 3 blocks so kids want to cut across our backyards to get from one street to another.  I can't stop them so I made the path through a little wider.  They had already broken off some of the Husker Red Penstemon plants that I put there earlier in the spring.   It has been a few years since there were kids coming through so I wasn't expecting this when I did the planting.