machine quilting

Basting and quilting...........

This little improv piece has been waiting to be finished for over 10 years.  I decided it might be a quick one to finish....and then as I was basting it I realized there would be a lot of decisions.  Do I leave the edges crooked, should I put binding or a facing, and what type of quilting did I want to do on it.  I went ahead and basted it anyway.
I knew I needed to ditch quilt along the seams before I would do any other quilting so I got all of that done last night.  Now I have to make all of those decisions.  If you have been a reader for awhile you might remember I asked "which way is up?" on this one and asked for votes in April 2016.  The majority of the votes went to #2.  See that post here.

Almost done..........

I finished the quilting of the tumbler flannel quilt but I couldn't make a decision on binding last night.  Hopefully the right piece will pop up in the box today and say "cut me".

I got a lot more volunteer trees cut yesterday.  Even though the humidity is down it is still hot out in the sun.  Each day the temperature is going to be a little warmer so I need to get my yard work done in the morning.  Afternoon and evening will be sewing time.

Getting ready to quilt............

The end of the month is near and I haven't finished anything yet this month.  I finally tackled the piecing of the back for this quilt.  I had 3 pieces of flannel that all sewn together were the right size.  I got the back loaded and the batting and top are just laying on it, not attached yet.
I got four more pairs of fabric cut for the Hunter Star.  After I cut the next four I will decide which two fabrics will make each block. 

It was starting to cool a little and the humidity was dropping yesterday afternoon so I carried all of my fallen and cut branches to the front of the driveway.  I started cutting volunteer trees but have more of them to do.  The zinnias are blooming now and it looks like they will mostly be hot pink.  I'm still hoping for a few more colors from the ones that haven't bloomed yet.  

Tomatoes are slowly ripening.....inside.  I'm picking them and bringing them in the minute I see the tiniest bit of color changing. The squirrels are picking 2-3 a day and taking one bite and leaving them. I'm happy now that I planted 8 plants in that raised bed.  If I had only planted 4 I probably wouldn't have gotten many to eat between the squirrels and the fact that this has not been an ideal summer for the tomato plants.  They did much better 2 years ago.  Last year they started out strong and then fizzled. 

11:30 p.m. finish............

I loaded the quilt on the longarm in the morning.  I quilted it late afternoon.  I love the backing fabric.

I used a grayed lavender thread which shows up a little on the darkest fabrics.

It also shows up a little on the lightest fabrics but on all of the rest I could hardly see it.  That made it hard to see where I had already quilted.  I used a large meander and 80/20 Hobbs batting.

This is the fabric brand of most of the fabrics.
I used the leftover backing fabric for the binding and finished it by machine.

The backing fabric is used in the front of the quilt too.

It finished at 59.5" x 77".  I will use it in my living room.  I just love the Australian fabric prints.

Machine quilting and garden.......

I wanted to finish quilting this quilt yesterday and I think I am done.  When you use clear monofilament it is sometimes hard to tell.  I quilted the plain navy parts after I took this photo.  I will check it over this morning and trim it and look for a binding and a hanging sleeve fabric.
I invested in 3 new perennials this year.  I look at them every year but don't buy them.  I decided this summer it was time to add something new to the back garden.  I can see I have a little more Creeping Charlie to clean up there.  Coreopsis on the left, the Hosta was already there, then a Shasta Daisy and a compact Bee Balm.  Behind it is a big plant of Rudbeckia in its third year.  The humidity wasn't too bad in the late afternoon but it was hot.

Some small things.........

Two table toppers finally got quilted yesterday.  I used the clear polyester monofilament thread since it was still on my machine.  I will look for a fabric that is in each of them for the bindings.  

I will have company sewing today so I may work on my farm girl blocks again.  My other "maybe" project is to start sorting my batiks into colorwash candidates and non-colorwash types.  This will make it a lot easier to cut the next batch of kits.

It's about time.....

I couldn't ignore it any wasn't going to quilt itself.  I spent the morning on errands yesterday, the early afternoon planting more pots and then it started raining so I couldn't get any photos of them.  Last night I finally quilted this colorwash.  It  just needed one width of fabric for the back.
I finished quilting it at 10 p.m. and started taking out the basting threads.  I used clear polyester monofilament thread this time for the ditch quilting from top to bottom on every seam.  I use thread to match the backing fabric in the bobbin.  Today I will trim it and choose a binding.

Almost finished........

I had a fun day shopping with my youngest granddaughter (20) yesterday.  Then we came back to my house and I helped her cut out a project.  On Tuesday I loaded this quilt on my longarm and last night I quilted it.
I just did an all over free motion loopy design on it.

I trimmed it and then I cut the binding from the same gold print that I used on the back.  I had to add a strip to make it wide enough so I used the leftover brown with butterflies from another quilt.  I wanted to finish 2 more quilts this month but I may have to settle for just this one.  I'll see how today goes and whether I can get another backing pieced. 

FYI: If you ask me a question in a comment and you don't get an email back from me it is because you are a NO REPLY.  I have an email link on my right side bar.  You can contact me that way if you really want an answer........and I'm happy to answer questions....if I could only get back to you.

Quilting, binding............

At 4:30 p.m. yesterday I decided I had to get this quilt loaded on my longarm.  I finished the quilting at 6:45 p.m.

That gave me 15 minutes to trim it and cut the binding so I could sew it on while I watched MacGyver.

I did the organic straight line quilting this time.

I started the hand sewing and got one long side and the first corner done.

Earlier in the day I finished the hand sewing on the tablerunner binding.

It is 17.5" x 35".

I love the print I used on the back.


First finish in March 2017

I didn't plan to finish a quilt yesterday.  Mid afternoon I decided to load this flannel tumbler quilt on the frame.  Next thing I knew I was quilting it.

I used a medium brown thread on top and bottom and it really blended in well.  In fact it blended so well I couldn't always tell where I had already quilted.  I used a large meander and Warm and Natural batting.  I decided the flannel needed a batting with scrim in it for the quilt to keep its shape with hard use.
I used one width of the darker piece of flannel on the back and a half width left over from another flannel quilt added to make the backing wide enough.  The quilt is 61" x 82.5".  The binding is one of the flannel plaids used in the the tumblers.