Flannel quilts

Fun sewing........

I found enough flannel scrap pieces to cut the last 4 tumbler shapes.  I sewed the last 4 rows onto the quilt top yesterday morning.  I will press it later.  Since I can't do any machine quilting right now there is no hurry.
Last night I was looking for something and came across a bag of scraps from this quilt that I basted right before my pacemaker surgery.  I paired the scraps and sewed these little wonky blocks.  I'm not sure what they will turn into.  They are small, about 4" x 6".  They haven't been pressed yet.

I decided I need a mug rug for my living room in lavender shades.  I took two 1.5" strips and sewed and cut and sewed and cut until I had this little 7 rows by 8 rows checkerboard.  Fun sewing!

I'm always surprised by the color of the asters each year.  I thought they were a darker shade last year.  Maybe our lack of rain has affected them.  The bees are loving them.  They look pink here but they are a pinky-purple.
The volunteer plants along the driveway are in full bloom now.  I cut down quite a few of the plants early in the summer but there are still a lot of them blooming there.

Needing 4 more pieces..........

I needed to get this flannel baby quilt sewn so I can use the table top.  I need to cut 4 more tumbler pieces before I can sew the last 4 rows on.  I usually have a little pile of flannel scraps that I put near the big boxes of flannel but last night I couldn't find any.  The box of flannel that I need is on the bottom of a stack of 3 boxes and I can't lift anything heavy right now so I'll keep looking for random scraps laying around.  I'm sure I'll find some.  

My granddaughter drove as we completed some errands yesterday morning and then in the afternoon I had a nice visit from the pastor of my church.  We are in our heat spell now, 90's in late September.  One weatherman says we will probably set a new record on the next 2 days.  It sounds like it will be next Tues. before we have relief.

Some sewing, some nature.........

I sewed a little bit yesterday.  I have 8 more pieces to add onto each row to finish the bottom half.

I spent a few hours reading finishing a murder mystery.  Now I need to look for another book to read.  There are plenty of them waiting to be re-shelved.

The asters are just starting to bloom.  They are so much darker than this though.  Sunlight washes out the color.

This little group is in the shade and they look bluer but are still lighter than looking at them with the naked eye.

I'm not sure if these are petunias or if they had a different name.  They were a really deep intense purple all summer and now have started fading.

My friends shared some compost with me and she mentioned they had tomato plants coming up in their flower pots.  Lo and behold I have one too.  It looks like the Roma variety.

A few days ago I got a card from my friend Julie.  She uses her scraps and makes her own note cards.  I don't have any of those fabrics; maybe I should save them for a crazy pieced block...or maybe I'll just save the card and enjoy them that way.  Thanks Julie!


Pre-cut pieces..........

I was looking for something fast and easy to sew last night and spied the box of 3" flannel tumblers that I cut from scraps last winter.  Luckily I had put the note in there of how many I had.  Also noted were the number of pieces across and the number of rows I could do.  It will be a baby quilt.

I was just ready to sit down when I noticed all of the junk caught in the wheels of my sewing chair.  Yuck!

All of this was caught in the 5 double wheels.  I couldn't get it all out but at least it looks better now.

Then I sat down and started sewing rows.  This will be some good sewing at night for a couple nights.

It's done!!..........

I ended up using the first fabric that I considered for the binding.  At first I thought it was too dark and kept looking for something just a little lighter.  I either didn't have enough or the color just wasn't right on all of the others so I was back to the dark brown with black lines forming little squares.  I used a medium brown Superior SoFine thread to quilt it.

The back is made of 3 of the largest pieces of flannel I had left.  I have lots of half yards but not much in big pieces any more.  The quilt ended up at 64.5" x 80".  I used Warm and Natural batting because it has scrim in it and stabilizes and gives body to the pieced flannel top. 

Almost done..........

I finished the quilting of the tumbler flannel quilt but I couldn't make a decision on binding last night.  Hopefully the right piece will pop up in the box today and say "cut me".

I got a lot more volunteer trees cut yesterday.  Even though the humidity is down it is still hot out in the sun.  Each day the temperature is going to be a little warmer so I need to get my yard work done in the morning.  Afternoon and evening will be sewing time.

Flannel tumblers and table runner..........

While watching 3 1/2 hours of TV last night I sewed the flannel 9" tumbler top.  I have to press it and then trim the sides and it will be ready to quilt.  I think it will be about 63" x 80" when done.  My design wall is 84" tall and the quilt top is trailing a little on the floor.  This one isn't especially pretty but it used up a lot of flannel scraps.

Yesterday morning I quilted this table runner and last night sewed on the binding and started the hand stitching.  I hope to finish it today.  I used a 12 weight yellow variegated thread to quilt it.

Top sewn............

The last three seams are sewn!  I got a little truer color in the photo this time but it still doesn't show the richness of the darkest colors.  It ended up 61" x 84" after trimming the sides.  I found another piece of flannel for the back, a half width left over from the backing of another quilt.
My design wall is almost 7' tall and I'm just a little over 5' tall so it was a real stretch to get it pinned up that high.  I usually turn the quilts sideways and pin them to the wall for the photography and just rotate the photo.

If you go back to yesterday's post you can see the side edges that needed to be trimmed.

I started this quilt on February 7th, cutting the tumblers with my Accuquilt Studio die cutter.  The tumblers are 3" and 6" finished size.  Flannel is linty  so I wanted to finish cutting and sewing in short order so I could clean up the studio.  

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Pictured below are some of the quilts that created the scraps for this quilt.