Getting ready to quilt............

The end of the month is near and I haven't finished anything yet this month.  I finally tackled the piecing of the back for this quilt.  I had 3 pieces of flannel that all sewn together were the right size.  I got the back loaded and the batting and top are just laying on it, not attached yet.
I got four more pairs of fabric cut for the Hunter Star.  After I cut the next four I will decide which two fabrics will make each block. 

It was starting to cool a little and the humidity was dropping yesterday afternoon so I carried all of my fallen and cut branches to the front of the driveway.  I started cutting volunteer trees but have more of them to do.  The zinnias are blooming now and it looks like they will mostly be hot pink.  I'm still hoping for a few more colors from the ones that haven't bloomed yet.  

Tomatoes are slowly ripening.....inside.  I'm picking them and bringing them in the minute I see the tiniest bit of color changing. The squirrels are picking 2-3 a day and taking one bite and leaving them. I'm happy now that I planted 8 plants in that raised bed.  If I had only planted 4 I probably wouldn't have gotten many to eat between the squirrels and the fact that this has not been an ideal summer for the tomato plants.  They did much better 2 years ago.  Last year they started out strong and then fizzled.