Restful Sunday

I had bookwork and computer work to do yesterday so no sewing.  I have been looking for things to sell and this little 9 1/2" square piece is one of them.  The finished squares in this colorwash are 1/2" (cut size 1") and there are 144 of them.  Yes it was a little tricky to sew, no gridded interfacing, just little squares to sew together.  It is just a top, needing someone's loving touch to finish it.  I'm hoping someone will want it for $25 which includes the postage.Sold!  Thanks everyone!

May 2017 monthly recap..........

I had just one finish in May.  Last year in May I had no finishes but this was a top that was completed in May 2016; one year from completed top to completed quilt.  It is 38.5" x 52.5".

 I finished two quilt tops in May.  The purple one is 62" x 88.5" and the chevron top is 36" x 45.5".  

The month was filled with lots of gardening and other outside work.  I also made many trips to the post office and mailed out about 40 batik colorwash kits.  I worked on the blocks for my triangle star quilt for which I still haven't chosen a sashing fabric. 

Last year I didn't have any finishes in June, July or August so I'll try to do better than that this year.  I did finish some tops in those months which I hope to also do this year.


Rain again....this is what the peonies look like from the studio window.  You can see I have a lot of buds out there if it will just warm up and stop raining.  I have picked 2 bouquets already from the 3 types that are blooming so far.
I cut 16 more Kaffe fabrics in 2.5" squares in my ongoing project.  

Then I basted a colorwash last night so I should be able to have one finish this month.  Last year I didn't have any complete finishes.  This top was finished one year ago and is shown on this post. 

It looks like a square here but it is rectangular.  This one is made from 1.5" x 3" finished rectangles and it is one of my favorites.

Kits, garden, and soup.........

I am still cutting squares for batik colorwash kits and I'm at the point where I had to put the squares up on the design wall to see what I still need to cut.  I'm at 191 pieces right now and I want to do 300 this time.  I can see I need a lot more green/turquoise/blue and lots of medium values.

I made the collages of photos taken 8 days apart so you can see how much everything has grown.
 The hostas were barely up in the photo on the left.
The peonies have really shot up in 8 days.
Here the hostas in the foreground on the right are barely up in the left photo.  There will be lots more hostas in the next photos I take since some are just peeking out of the ground.

I was lucky enough to get one of the ham bones from Easter Sunday dinner so I made 15 bean and ham soup.

The ham was spiral cut so there was a lot of ham left on the bone.  Yummy!! 

Finish #4 for February.........

I finished the hand stitching on the binding last night for my final finish for February.  This one finished at 34" x 33".   When I first started this colorwash I thought I was going to have to scrap it.  I left it on the design wall for over two weeks before I went back to try to save it.  Now it is one of my favorites.
 I love the batik I put on the back but it is one of those that are hard to use in piecing.  I still have about a yard of it left so if inspiration hits I have some to use.

I will do my February monthly recap tomorrow.  

Yesterday was my eye appointment in Chicago.  My vision has improved slightly again from the injections in my eye so I had to endure another injection (Ouch!!!).  

We knew there was a chance of severe weather starting late afternoon yesterday.  A tornado (or 2) struck about 25-30 miles south of my house.  They also had tennis ball size hail in that area.  The storms started around 4 p.m. and were still rolling through past 10 p.m.  Luckily we just had heavy rain.


I chose the binding for my colorwash and sewed it on.  I have 2 sides of hand stitching done.

It looks a little lighter in this photo than in real life.  It is a grayed purple.

I also moved the black/gray/white TAW strips to  the double design wall.  I moved a few more strips and decided on the bottom right as the center of the quilt.

If you have never made a Trip Around the World it is probably hard for you to visualize the center from the photo above.  I unpicked a few more strips so you can see it better.

What you don't see in the photos above are the beautiful tone on tone black prints.  

Here is another one.

There are several of them so the quilt will have much more personality close up than from a distance.


I rarely watch the Oscars because I usually haven't seen any of the films but I had seen one of them this year.  Last night I decided to turn it on and listen to it while I ditch quilted a colorwash wallhanging.  I did finish the quilting right at the moment that they announced the wrong film winning the Oscar for best film.  What a shocker.  One group had to leave stage and the other bunch come up there and try to recover and give their acceptance speeches.  I'm sure there will be replays of that on the news several times today.

Red crazy piecing.........

Crazy piecing makes a big mess on the sewing table but it is worth it.  This pile was about twice this size when I started sewing.

This is what a block looks like before trimming.

with trimmings

nice and neat!

All seven blocks.

I hand basted this wallhanging yesterday afternoon.  

I also cut and pieced backing for the X quilt that I added the border to Tuesday.  I got the roll of batting out and am ready to cut it.  I needed to finish the basting first since that is the set of tables I cut the batting on.