Calendar girl and February recap............

My two friends came over to sew yesterday.  One of them is a calendar girl!!!  She submitted an entry to be in the Ruby Short McKim's 100th anniversary calendar.  She was selected to be Miss March!  The calendar is a celebration of 100 years since Ruby's first pattern was published.  Many of us used Ruby's book of patchwork patterns in the 1970's when not much else was available.
 In February I had 4 finishes and three of them were new tops also made in February.

 I made 5 more quilt tops too.  It was a busy month since I gave a program and workshop to the local guild too.

Here is a photo from the trunk show.  I'm the arm behind the pole on the right.  I would like to think I'm so thin that I could hide behind the pole but the reality is that I'm behind one of the colorwash pieces.