2 flannel quilts finished............

 I cut the binding and sewed it on all by machine for #2 flannel Stack and Slash. 

This has been a hard quilt to photograph and get the colors right.  The photo above is the truest color photo so far.  This quilt ended up 55" x 70".  This quilt is a mix of prints, plaids and stripes.

#1 flannel Stack and Slash ended up 52.5" x 67".  I cut the strips 1/4" narrower on this quilt and the loop quilting pulled it in more too.  This quilt is all plaid and stripe flannels.

Here they are hanging on the rail of my longarm with the light coming in from the side.  The colors are pretty true in this photo.

We had temperatures in the low 60s yesterday and the weathermen are predicting 2-5" of snow tomorrow.  This has been a strange winter.