Moving things........

My friends helped me move my AccuQuilt Studio cutter to a new location on Monday.  It had been in a cramped location without good lighting.  The folding table under the other table will be the storage surface for the other steel tray and also a place to lay the cutting plastic pieces when I remove them after cutting. I have one die storage box with wheels under the table and another that I haven't brought down there yet.

These 2 groups of partially designed colorwash pieces were on the table that I had to clean off for the cutter.  I need to get the smaller one (the squares) up on the design wall and finish it this week.  I think it just needs one more row around it.  The other one (the rectangles) will take awhile to finish so I may wait until later in the month to work on it.

When cleaning off 2 shelves of the bookcase to make room for the small dies I came across these 2 things.  The one on the left is half of a project.  I have no idea where the bag is with the rest of the pieces so it may become a table runner.  On the right is 20 blocks that will finish at 6".  It would only be 24" x 30" if I sew them together.  I guess that is big enough for a quilt to use with a baby carrier or a car seat.  There are 2 piles of "stuff" to put away yet too.