Medallion border........

I got the four corner blocks cut and the last two borders sewn onto the medallion quilt.  A lot of readers liked the bear paw in the corner but to me it just led my eye out of the quilt instead into the center.  This border is definitely a frame.

Here is a reminder of my inspiration quilt.  I added one more border, the purple one after the light border.  Luckily my Bear Paw block was the same size as the log cabins in the book so I was able to follow some of the directions in the book and still make it all fit together.
This is the book it was in, by C&T Publishing company.

I auditioned two fabrics for binding and I think it needs to be the darker of the two and also wider than a normal binding.

Last night I went to a gender reveal party to hear which gender my new great grandchild will be.  The mom 3 states away ordered the cake which has a layer of frosting in the middle with the gender color, so now we know it is a boy.  We were live with them over cell phone video so they saw who was at the party and which color we wore predicting what we thought the gender of the baby would be.

Done..........and mailed........

It took me longer to trace the Kwik Sew pattern and cut it out than it did to sew the little flannel pj pants.  From one yard of fabric I was able to get the pants and a pillowcase for a travel size pillow.  I bought a shirt to go with the pants and found it in the basement after I mailed the package.....back to the post office today.

I'm taking a break from all of the baking and sewing and going to lunch with a friend today.

Busy Friday...........

My little great grandson was visiting yesterday morning.  He lives 3 states away now so I don't get to see him very often.

When he left the boiler repairman came to change a part on my boiler.  He left about 12:30.  I worked on cleaning up the basement for the art quilters while he was here.

Later in the afternoon I mowed the lawn and I hope it is the last time of the season.  We haven't had any rain for awhile and nights are quite cool so the grass isn't growing much.
Last night I played with the arrangement of these blocks.  If you missed the beginning of this quilt here is the post about it.  I haven't decided if I need to make any replacement blocks yet.  I still need to make half blocks and quarter blocks to fill in the edges.  The blocks are about 19.25" diagonally and the sashing will be 1" finished.  This might end up about 63" x 82".  Today is a family reunion, the first one with all of my dad's generation gone.  His last cousin passed away about a month ago.

No sewing yesterday......

I went to my twice monthly quilting group and just cut pieces for a future project.  When I got home I baked this cranberry upside down cake to take to my granddaughter's birthday party.  Mine is not quite as attractive as the one in the newspaper but it sure tasted good.
My little great grandson is moving 3 states away this weekend.  We have enjoyed having him and his parents here in the area for 2 1/2 months while they waited for the job transfer to take place.  He is holding the remote control for the fan and he thinks he is controlling the TV.

The birthday party.......

Yesterday was the first birthday party for my great grandson.  He was a little overwhelmed with the gifts, liked the cards and the lid to a plastic storage bin a lot.  He was napping at the beginning of the party so he was in good humor for the rest of the time.  I took 109 photos and haven't processed most of them yet on the computer.

His aunt baked his birthday cake which he enjoyed immensely.  I wonder if the sugar buzz has worn off yet!

Today the art quilters group is coming so I baked 2 batches of cookies yesterday and finished straightening the basement at 11:30 last night.

Family day............

We had a family photo shoot at the local forest preserve.  The little great-grandson was in pretty good humor.

This critter was on the picnic table and I didn't investigate to see if it was dead or alive.

I gave my granddaughter a piece of vintage jewelry, that is if 56 years old is vintage.  It was one of my gifts when I graduated from high school.  It was always a favorite of mine and I wanted her to know the story behind it.

The littlest visitor........

Four months old and already wearing flip flops!

 All of this visiting is tiring too.  Isn't it something we start out with double chins and then end up with them again when we get old?

 I don't think I showed my Mother's Day porch pot that my son brought to me.

 Dianthus - pinks- it says on the label that they are an annual but they always come up again and in fact they were already a little green when the snow melted off of them.

A backing and 4 generations......

When I was going through the Philip Jacobs fabrics I found this pastel print with enough yardage for the back of the pastel strippy quilt.  I have it loaded on the longarm and need to quilt it today.

It is so hard to pick the best photo of four people.  In the best of all of our smiles I had reflections in my glasses.  In this one my son isn't smiling as much and the baby decided to swing his arm.  Oh well, it still is a good photo.  I am SO happy to be in a 4 generation photo where I am the great-grandmother.

The baby quilt...........

When I asked the parents to be what color quilt they wanted for the baby the dad said blue and gray.  Then he said cowboys.  So this was my idea of cowboys.

But this was his idea of cowboys - Dallas and gray.  I alternated H blocks for Baby H with Cowboys fabrics.

Yesterday I met the baby for the first time - my great-grandson.  He is a little over 2 months old now.  I had forgotten how hard it was to hold a natural smile while the photographer waits for the baby to look pleasant, or hopefully smile.

He's a little cutie and a good baby too.  I'll have to wait awhile for him to tell me if he likes his quilt.