Medallion border........

I got the four corner blocks cut and the last two borders sewn onto the medallion quilt.  A lot of readers liked the bear paw in the corner but to me it just led my eye out of the quilt instead into the center.  This border is definitely a frame.

Here is a reminder of my inspiration quilt.  I added one more border, the purple one after the light border.  Luckily my Bear Paw block was the same size as the log cabins in the book so I was able to follow some of the directions in the book and still make it all fit together.
This is the book it was in, by C&T Publishing company.

I auditioned two fabrics for binding and I think it needs to be the darker of the two and also wider than a normal binding.

Last night I went to a gender reveal party to hear which gender my new great grandchild will be.  The mom 3 states away ordered the cake which has a layer of frosting in the middle with the gender color, so now we know it is a boy.  We were live with them over cell phone video so they saw who was at the party and which color we wore predicting what we thought the gender of the baby would be.