Busy Friday...........

My little great grandson was visiting yesterday morning.  He lives 3 states away now so I don't get to see him very often.

When he left the boiler repairman came to change a part on my boiler.  He left about 12:30.  I worked on cleaning up the basement for the art quilters while he was here.

Later in the afternoon I mowed the lawn and I hope it is the last time of the season.  We haven't had any rain for awhile and nights are quite cool so the grass isn't growing much.
Last night I played with the arrangement of these blocks.  If you missed the beginning of this quilt here is the post about it.  I haven't decided if I need to make any replacement blocks yet.  I still need to make half blocks and quarter blocks to fill in the edges.  The blocks are about 19.25" diagonally and the sashing will be 1" finished.  This might end up about 63" x 82".  Today is a family reunion, the first one with all of my dad's generation gone.  His last cousin passed away about a month ago.