A finish.............

I finished hand sewing the binding, label and hanging sleeve last night on "Blue".  It is a joyous celebration of the blue Dutch Wax batiks which were hard to find back in the 1990s.  There are a few regular quilting cottons used in the plainer pieces of the design.  It is 39.5" x 50".
I took this photo of the back of the quilt in the morning with the light from the window coming across it. 

I wrote a 6 part tutorial when I was making this quilt top.  You can find it in my Label List on the right sidebar: Modular Quilt Tutorial.

The hanging sleeve is one of the regular quilting cottons and was used on the front too.  The print is very similar to the batik fabrics.  I took this photo before the bottom edge was stitched in place.

In the gardening department I dug up this hosta, pulled it apart into 3 plants and then replanted it closer to the rock edging.  There are orange Tiger Lilies behind it and it was leaning on them.

Now when you enter the path you can see my 3 new plants, a little hosta and the replaced big hosta.  I think I need to dig up the small hosta (just past the daisies) and move it back a couple inches.  The Rudbeckia to the right is starting to form buds.

Finally....I am seeing little tomatoes on several of the plants.  There have been lots of blooms but up until this point I couldn't tell if the dried up ones were turning into tomatoes or not.