#20 sewn...........

I sewed #20 block and then tried to do a layout with the last triangles that were previously sewn.

There are 2 ways I can do this.  Now I have to piece 8 more squares of 2 triangles to finish this block.  Nothing is planned so far in the first 20 blocks.  I just sewed random sets of 2 triangles together (always with contrasting values), some batches of 8 alike, some of 4 alike, and lots of miscellaneous pairing.  Then I would just play with them to create blocks.  If I planned each block and then looked for fabrics to make them I would be bored with the project really quickly.  I like spontaneous surprises.  I don't plan colors ahead of time.  I choose groups that I think I will like from the supply of sewn squares and start the layout.  If it isn't working I try another color.

The bunny came to clean up under the bird feeder yesterday morning. He/she was there for quite awhile and then hopped on to eat some weeds.  Luckily the bunnies don't eat any of my perennials.