5 blocks designed.........

I started designing star blocks in the morning yesterday.  This photo is daylight from west windows on a cloudy day.

This one was designed after lunch, also a daylight photo.

I sewed the 2 blocks pictured above and then designed the third one last night.

I was on a roll so I designed number 4 and then sewed 3 and 4.

While watching the weather segment last night I designed number 5 but haven't sewn it yet.

Here are the 19 blocks that are sewn.  I didn't notice the tilt of the photo until I got to the computer and by then I had turned off all of the lights in the basement and was too tired to start over.  Now that I am nearing 20 blocks I wonder if I could stick with it and make 10 more for a 5 x 6 layout or maybe even another 15 for a 5 x 7 layout.  The blocks are 12" finished size.