Cutting triangles...........

It was a rainy day yesterday.  We got a little over 2" of rain by 10 p.m.  More rain expected today and tonight.
I did lots of pressing fabrics and cutting with my Studio die cutter.  I was cutting triangles plus more fabrics for the batik colorwash squares kits.

All of these different fabrics are in the piles in the photo above.  I can cut 10 layers at a time but I think I only had about 7 layers this time.  I am working with scraps not yardage.

The quarter inch wide scraps are going in the dog bed filler bag.

I pressed the 20th block and put it up on the design wall with the others.  I am leaving a space between the blocks on the wall because I intend to do some kind of sashing, probably narrow and in a neutral light color.  I'll know more when I start playing with choices for the sashing.  Meanwhile I have 15 more blocks to make.