Which way is up and other things............

I need to decide which way is up on this colorwash because I want the last seams to be vertical.  I did change about 12 pieces since I showed this yesterday and then I changed one more piece after I took the photos.

This is it rotated one turn to the left.

This is one more turn to the left.  I want to have the blue at the top so these are the only 2 positions to consider.

I have 2 small boxes of squares I need to sort and then fill in on the trays.  That will take me at least 3 hours, maybe longer.

I put my black, gray and white batiks into an order that would work for Trip Around the World.  If I decide to do that I will cut up more of the fabric in some other shape too as long as I will have the creases pressed out of all of the fabrics.  I usually cut for 2 quilts at a time from any fabric group I choose.  I sold a Trip Around the World quilt top and gave a finished TAW to my cousin so I have permission to make another one.