It was a hot one.......

This is what I had in mind for the interrupter strips in this Marcia Derse fabric quilt.

I wanted some interest close up when it is being used as a couch quilt.

A photo of the whole quilt just doesn't do justice.  It is so much more vibrant in person.  My camera wants to emphasize the turquoise and dull the rest of the fabrics.  I have cut the strips but this heat has sapped my energy so nothing is sewn.

Most of my coneflowers look like this.

One however decided to bloom.  I took the photo above in the early evening Sunday and I took this one yesterday morning.  There is such a difference in the greens in different times of the day.

I planted most of my cannas in the ground but I have 2 pots of them too.  I noticed the Japanese beetles are eating the leaves on one of the plants in the ground.