Playing with blocks again...........

I took my Marcia Derse fabric quilt sections off my double design wall and moved the Keiko Goke fabric blocks over there (cut with Strips 'n Curves templates sets 1 and 2).  I thought maybe I needed to do the layout as all complete circles since the blocks are so busy.

I just turned 2 groups of 4 around to new positions and I think I like it better.

We have a new interim pastor at my church and she came to visit me yesterday morning.  In the afternoon I mowed my grass since the humidity level dropped dramatically from the day before.  Since I was busy all day I didn't make any new blocks.  I need to cut some more parts today for at least 15 more quarter circle blocks.  My art quilters group is coming next Monday so I also am cleaning up the basement a little each day.
This is one of my favorite hostas.  It is a sun lover and turns lighter colored as the summer progresses.

I have complementary colors in this garden.  The Campanula has planted itself all over.  The sundrops spread too so I need to do some thinning out in this area.

Last night I picked enough black raspberries to top a small dish of ice cream.  Yum!!