This project is still on my best double design wall.  I have been thinking about fabric for the insertions strips and top and bottom strip but haven't made a decision.  

All it is going to take is cutting a strip off each of the fabrics and putting it up on the design wall.  I just couldn't get started doing anything yesterday.  By the time I got home from church it was getting really hot.  I think my mind was set on a day of rest so I didn't do anything on this project.

I did go out and put in my half hour of weed pulling and I noticed my black raspberries were starting to ripen.  There was no sign of black yesterday.

This is the first day's yield.  The very first ones of the season taste so good!

The tomato plants are getting tall too and I have about 20 tomatoes on them not counting the grape tomatoes.

This is the largest of the tomatoes so far.  They are a smaller variety, the Early Girl.  I chose varieties that all produce a medium size tomato.

There are a couple bunches of Grape tomatoes on this plant.  I'm really hoping for tomatoes to eat by the 4th of July.  That might be a little ambitious but hopefully close.