Triangles agian......times 2

I sewed several sections together but haven't attached them to the center yet.  The two outside rows aren't sewn together yet.  I didn't finish designing because it is up too high on the wall.  I mowed my grass for the first time yesterday and my arms were aching from 35 minutes of holding onto the mower while walking.  I didn't turn on the iron and press the rows that are sewn yet.
Here is the plan for triangle quilt #2.  I color coded each of the sizes of triangles this time to make it easier to count them.  This one would finish at 50" x 70" if I follow my drawing.  I may experiment with more rows after I get the center part assembled.  Triangles #1 will finish at 54" x 66" as it is shown in the drawing.

I laid out the first section of 96 two inch finished triangle squares on my sewing cabinet.  I hope to get both of the sections sewn today.