Triangle progress and nature walk.......

I have all but the top and bottom row sewn on Triangles #1.  I ran into my first problem.  The two side rows are a tiny bit shorter than the body of the quilt and I eased in the quilt.  It doesn't look good so I will have to take off part of each side border and let out a few seams so that it fits better.

I sewed the two 2" triangle sections for Triangles #2 (see yesterday's post for the layout drawing).  I will probably sew the rest of the 2" sections before proceeding.  I will have to cut more 6" triangles.  My two friends are coming over today so I might do that while they are here.

Three little Lungwort/Pulmonaria plants were growing in the grass in front of the flower bed.   I decided to rescue them before I mow that part of the yard.

The early peonies are getting tall.  The rest are mostly 6" or shorter at this point.  There is a jonquil in the background, new a couple years ago so I don't know who planted it or if it has been dormant for many years and just decided to grow.
A few hostas are peeking out.  The late ones haven't shown up yet.  It is supposed to get into the 70s over the weekend so I expect to see a lot of growth in the garden.

The Tiger Lilies are popping up everywhere.  I may have to move some of them to better locations.  There is a batch right at the edge of my sidewalk and they get tall and lean over the sidewalk in July.  The day lilies, lemon lily and blackberry lilies have also come up already.