First Triangle quilt..............

Back in March I started designing a quilt while I watched TV.  It will have four different size triangles in it.  I designed a second quilt too which I will show in a few days.

This will be made in rounds rather than rows so here is the center section.

Then I made two side sections and sewed them on.  So far this is 2" and 3" finished size triangles.

Then I made four sections with 4" finished triangles.

I sewed them on last night and then chose the triangles for the last row top and bottom of 4" triangles.  Next will be 6" finished triangles which I put up on the left to see how they will look.  These are all batiks, scraps that I cut into triangles with my die cutter and then store them in a box until I come up with an idea for them.