Change of plans.............

I unpicked the 2 side rows that I showed yesterday and put the top up on the design wall sideways.  It's done!  It's a wallhanging instead of a lap quilt now.  I think it should be quilted in diagonal lines with uneven spacing.  It is 60.5" x 48".

I have had lots of new people commenting on my triangle quilt but unfortunately most of you are No Reply commenters so I can't reply to you.  If you enable your email address in your profile, you will hear back from the bloggers where you comment.

My two friends came over yesterday to sew and they helped me put the new rails on my longarm table.  Now finishing quilts will be a little more pleasant.
I only know of one year that Hoffman batiks had a mark like a selvage.  It was 1993 and it was stamped only at the beginning of each bolt.  I need to use these in a quilt this year and stop storing them.

I have been going through my old Quilter's Newsletter magazines and am contemplating tossing them into the recycling.  I have a few issues from 1971, the year it started and around 1973 I started subscribing.  I think I have more than 20 years of issues.  In the beginning all of the photos were printed in black and white.  In the middle of 1974 some covers became 2 tone and in the middle of 1975 just the covers (and the inside of the cover) were full color photos but the contents were black and white with sometimes one color added on a page (but no color photos inside). 
In the September 1975 issue there was a full page color ad for Ely and Walker fabric, the only color ad that year.  I remember how excited I was to find the Ely and Walker quadriga cloth in a quilt store in Wisconsin.  Up to this time I was using dressmaking scraps and old jeans for my quilts.  Now there were "real" quilt fabrics available, reproduction prints from long ago textiles.

This was at the time of the Bi-centennial and the revival of quilting.  I began teaching quiltmaking in 1976.  VIP and Peter Pan fabrics started concentrating on fabrics for quilting in the next few years.

I have one lonely Jonquil bloom on the south side of my house.

The Lungwort/Pulmonaria gives me some color in the backyard.