8 blocks 6 pinwheels...........

I sewed the last 8 blocks, 4 of each of the two shown, and 6 pinwheels.  Looking back at my previous post of the other blocks it looks like I need to find 4 more fabric combinations.  I'll work on that today.

I used 5 of the 6 new pinwheels to add 2 rows to this little piece.  At 10" x 20" it is almost a table runner size.  With 4 new combinations plus the 1 pinwheel left over I will be able to add 2 more rows. 

I want to clarify the 6" distances that I mentioned yesterday.  They are 6" from the pacemaker, not from the rest of me.  If you hold a 6" ruler in front of the area below your collarbone on the left side of your body you can see I'm more than 12" from the sewing machine motor which where the interference with the pacemaker could occur.  Being too close could cause dizziness or heart palpitations.  Magnets are a danger too.
Anonymous, you want me to go back and label all of my 16 patch block posts.  I intend to do that someday but it will probably take about 4 hours to search for all of them.  If you want to find the 16 patch posts go to the search box at the top left corner of my blog and enter 16 patch.  It will bring up any post where I said "16 patch".  If I had known I was going to make so many of them I would have created the label with the first post.