16 blocks.........

I cut the last 6 groups of fabric for blocks for the Hunter Star with my GO! die on my Studio die cutter.  They are the last 6 I had prepared for cutting, I'm not sure if I need more or not.  I sewed 16 blocks yesterday 4 of each that you see here.  The last 2 have purple as the dark fabric.

Here are some more tidbits from the Pacemaker manual:
Keep your heart device at least 6" from the following household and hobby items:

Handheld kitchen appliances such as electric mixers

Sewing machines and sergers

Radio controlled toys  (antenna)

2 way walkie-talkies (less than 3 watts) 

Stereo speakers (even if the power for the speakers is disconnected)

You can't use an electronic body fat scale because it passes electricity through the body.

24" away from Induction cook tops when it is turned on.

There is a lot more.......this is all news to me.  I have never heard anyone talk about their restrictions with their pacemakers, but then I don't know very many people that have one.