Cutting and digging.............

It was still nice yesterday morning so I went out to dig up another spot in my garden.  Then I had errands to run and it was evening before I got to pressing and cutting for the Hunter Star.  I have 4 combinations cut but will probably do more before I start sewing.  I'm not sure which fabrics I want paired together yet.
The center of this area between the Hostas is where I dug yesterday.

While I was digging out the Lily of the Valley I found a couple of the big rocks buried in there.  Each year the Lily of the Valley would start coming up on the grass side of the rocks so I kept moving them out farther.  I realize now I have increased the flower bed by about 16" in depth over the years.  Some of the rocks sunk down in the soil and I missed them when doing the moving.
Lily of the Valley, Violets and Creeping Charlie made a heaping load in the wheelbarrow.

My new perennials were half price.  In here I have a Delphinium, orange Coneflower with a fluffy center and Zebrina.  We got some rain last night so that should help them to settle in. Even though these are in the shade garden they get the morning sun from about 7 until 1 p.m.