Sorting fabric..........

This is harder than I thought.  I spread out the Australian fabrics and the assortment was a little overwhelming.  This is about 2/3 of them.

One of the quilts I want to cut is Hunter Star.  There will be 2 fabrics per block and they need to contrast.

I finally made the decision to work with the red/burgundy/black prints contrasted with the lightest fabrics.  After I get some blocks made I'll be able to decide what else to add (or whether I don't need to add anything else).
These two fabrics aren't called Australian on the selvage but they work very nicely with the group.

I started yesterday by going to my granddaughter's house and her sister joined us to do some baking.  I came home and mowed the grass, ate lunch, took a nap, and then went out and dug out a whole section of Lily of the Valley.  In that spot I planted 4 Coralbells, 2 different colors and a Veronica/Speedwell.
Here is a wider view of the area.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, low 80s, low humidity and a nice breeze.  That is all going to change today as we go into the humidity and heat for a couple days.  I had to take advantage of the cooler day to do my digging.