Garden walk.........

I went to church sewing circle yesterday afternoon and was so tired when I got home that I didn't do any sewing.  We have tropical humidity now and I braved it to go out around the garden and take some photos.

My favorite hosta is blooming.  The color of this hosta gets lighter as the summer progresses and it just glows now.
Here are three huge hostas, 2 of which I divided last year.  It is good to have reference photos so next spring I can see which ones to divide again.  I have gifted many of the divisions from last year already this summer.
The lady that sold me this lily plant called it Blackberry Lily.  I have never had so many blooms all at once with so many more buds ready to pop.

There was only one Lemon Lily bloom.

The sunlight was coming through the Canna leaves and they look so pretty.

Just to the right and behind the hanging baskets is the HUGE Jack-in-the-Pulpit.  It isn't in a very good spot but I hate to try to move it.  I'm not sure the native plants like to be transplanted.

In the center of the photo are the orange tiger lilies almost ready to bloom.  They are more than 5 ft. tall; they are taller than me.  If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see one bud is orange and ready to open.  In front of it is the Rudbeckia which is also almost ready to bloom.

This just made me sick.  Two days ago I was looking at this big lush Coral Bell plant and last night when I walked by it is totally destroyed by the Japanese Beetles.  If you have the stomach for it click on the photo and you will see bunches of the beetles on the leaves.