Sorting fabrics........

I decided I needed to sort the light batiks that were on two shelves in the main floor studio.

I pulled out everything that was a quarter yard or less and then sorted into color groups.  I put all of the lavender on the purple shelf and all of the green with the rest of the greens.  Now all 151 fabrics fit on one shelf.  The other shelf will be used for the quarter yard or less pieces.
As the sun was setting I noticed that some of the purple coneflowers are blooming.  Bindweed has wrapped itself around them so I unwound as much as I could.  I will go back out with scissors today and snip it in several places so I can remove the rest.
While I was in the backyard I took a few more photos.  This is the other Annabelle Hydrangea in a bed with Cranesbill, Heuchera, and Hosta.

This Hosta is over to the left in the same bed.  I think it is about my favorite of the Hostas but I really like all of them.

I have Pulmonaria (spotted leaf plant) coming up everywhere.  I may have to dig some out.  If anyone locally wants some of it let me know.

The tomato plants are doing well.  You can even see a couple of the small tomatoes on the plant on the left.

We are having some wonderful cooler weather for a few days.