I have bunches of these purple flowers all over the back garden.  They are about 30" tall so they stand above most other plants.

The only sewing I did yesterday was on tote bags for a service project for my church.  I transplanted one Hosta and pulled some more weeds.
The Cannas are coming up.  There are 5 groups of them making a half circle around a peony bush.  The pipe is a marker at the center of my yard for the lot line.  Three of the Cannas are planted on my neighbor's side of the lot line.  They guy they have mowing for them never mows that area so I cleaned it up and did the planting.
I love my Hostas!!  This is the newest spot that I planted last fall.

Today I have church sewing circle and maybe I'll mow the grass.  Then I need to get some borders cut for my Kaffe fabric quilt.