Purple top sewn.........

I pressed the top last night so it is officially finished.  It is about 62" x 88.5".  It doesn't lay quite as flat as most of my quilt tops.  That is due to trying to match the points as I sewed the blocks together with lots of stretching and easing.  If you match the points at the center when sewing these blocks it is hard to get the edges to match too. Trimming the blocks would have only made it worse for matching.  The first quilt I made was before the ruler came out and it matched better.  Here is the post that shows the book and the ruler which is laying on the book.
I was happy to see the Dianthus re-seeded from last year.  Creeping Charlie is everywhere and as much as I don't like it, it is very pretty next to the Dianthus.

Here are some more plants down behind the lilies.

Another variety of Cranesbill is blooming.

There are always a few blooms on one branch of the Viburnum bush.

More rain is predicted for later today and most of the day tomorrow.  I dug up some volunteer Red Penstemon plants and planted them in the back garden.  I also moved one Hosta back there.  The rain should help them get a good start.