Purple layout.........

I put 70 blocks up on the design wall yesterday and took this photo.  I did get the top sewn together last night but haven't pressed it yet.  It will look a lot better when sewn.

I think this is the earliest my peonies have ever bloomed.  This bush is always the first to bloom.

We had storms roll through last night with gusty winds so I don't know as I'm writing this whether the blooms are still standing up.

The other Jack-in-the-Pulpit is blooming now.  The plant is not as tall this year as it usually is.

The pale pink Weigela was chopped back severely 2 years ago in the fall and it has the most blooms it has ever had this year.  The petals were starting to drop yesterday. 

My youngest grandchild turns 21 today, the one who made the Packers quilt last month.