Backing chosen...........

A friend came over yesterday to bake a rhubarb/strawberry pie in my oven.  Yes, she left 2 pieces for me......yummy!!!  While it baked we went down to the basement to look for a backing for my purple quilt top (By the way for those who didn't catch the link in yesterday's post, here is the link for the book with the pattern and a photo of the ruler laying on the book).  We went through my stack of purples first and found a couple that could work.  Then we went to the big boxes of large yardage for backings.  There were 2 that had purple in them and I think this was the best one we found.  Now I just need some energy and enthusiasm to finish it.  Yesterday was a gloomy rainy day and I really didn't do much of anything.
Here are some more photos from the back garden a couple days ago.  I bought 2 hanging pots of wave petunias for a spot of bright color out there.  They have started to relax and hang over the edge since this photo.

This is an area where I planted about 20 hostas that I had in pots last year.  I added the 2 in the top left from my sister-in-law a few days ago.  I have added one more since I took this photo.  By the end of summer the area should be filled out.  I need to get some pavers and lay a path between them while they are small.