A productive day.......

While my 2 friends were here sewing I made one 6" strawberry block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I started laying out the second one and need to cut 4 green squares before I can sew it.

Last night while watching 3 hours of TV I pieced the last 24 blocks to finish a quilt.  I have 72 blocks made now and I think the layout will be 7 x 10 which will make a quilt about 61 x 88".
 In the morning before my friends got here I rearranged a little more and this is an almost final layout.
I had 36 blocks and need 35 so I pulled out my favorite block to be used in another quilt.

I am questioning whether I need to pull out my second favorite block too and make a replacement for that spot.  When I make my decision I will proceed.

My Columbines are blooming now.  It was windy so the flowers are a little out of focus.

The pale pink ones are not as pretty this year as they usually are.  The color seems a little more faded.

One of the lilac bushes is just loaded with blooms this year. They are a pale color compared to the bushes with larger blossoms.