Batik colorwash kits, a few stars, a nature walk..........

I have been working on the cutting of the batik colorwash kits for almost 6 weeks now.  I have a couple thousand batiks so it involved looking through all of them and pulling the very best ones for colorwash, then pressing, cutting with my die cutter, stacking and packaging.  I consider them a starter kit hoping you will add some of your own fabrics to the mix if you purchase a kit.  However I did a mock up and these kits can make a pretty nice colorwash wallhanging on their own.  So.....these aren't packs of just a random assortment of fabrics, they are specifically chosen.  All of my batiks are washed with pure soap, no scent, no detergent before cutting.

update 10:30 a.m. 5/6/17

Here are the 2 newest star blocks.  I need to move something off my design wall to have room to put these up.

I got one more designed but not sewn.

Here is another view of my wild back garden, near my back lot line.  I have lots of different kinds of hostas planted along the path.  As I get into the area where the tree is there are several clumps of purple coneflowers.

I moved a few steps the the right and took this photo of the edge of the flower bed as you are entering the path.  There are 5 different hostas along the front with Red Penstemon, violets, Spiderwort and probably a few other things filling in the bed.  I like a natural garden.  No single plants with mulch for me.