Star quilts

Friend's quilt...........

Here is my friend's completed quilt top.  We put the blocks for the second quilt on the design walls after I took this photo.  The original pattern called for finished 2" pieces and ended up 60" square which is pretty unusable for a bed.  I cut 3" finished pieces for her so it is 72" x 90".  We left off one row to make it rectangular.  The quilts are for her great-granddaughters.

I finished basting the quilt I showed here so I could clear the tables off for my friends who are coming over today.  I also mowed the front yard.  The humidity has dropped and it is much cooler than it was the last couple days. I will mow the sides and back either later today or tomorrow.

A productive day.......

While my 2 friends were here sewing I made one 6" strawberry block for my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I started laying out the second one and need to cut 4 green squares before I can sew it.

Last night while watching 3 hours of TV I pieced the last 24 blocks to finish a quilt.  I have 72 blocks made now and I think the layout will be 7 x 10 which will make a quilt about 61 x 88".
 In the morning before my friends got here I rearranged a little more and this is an almost final layout.
I had 36 blocks and need 35 so I pulled out my favorite block to be used in another quilt.

I am questioning whether I need to pull out my second favorite block too and make a replacement for that spot.  When I make my decision I will proceed.

My Columbines are blooming now.  It was windy so the flowers are a little out of focus.

The pale pink ones are not as pretty this year as they usually are.  The color seems a little more faded.

One of the lilac bushes is just loaded with blooms this year. They are a pale color compared to the bushes with larger blossoms.

Another beautiful day.........

It was another beautiful day yesterday.  My sister-in-law offered me some plants from her garden.  I went over and helped her dig up a couple hostas and pulled a baby plant loose from both of them.  She also gave me some hellebore starts, 3 little plants.  I didn't have any of those and always wanted some.  I came home and had lunch and then planted my new treasures.  While I was out I did some weeding.

Last night I moved a few triangle star blocks for better balance.  Now I need to concentrate on colors and make sure they are distributed well.  My 2 friends are coming over to sew so I'll get their opinions too.  I hope to make at least one more block of my Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I also have some blocks for this purple quilt to cut and sew.

Odds and ends........

I put the last 6 blocks up on the design wall with the others hoping that I can decide how to arrange them.  I wanted to spend time outside yesterday so I didn't work on this.

It was 83 degrees so I decided to plant the tomatoes.  I put in 9 plants this year.  It was crowded with this many a couple years ago but last year with 6 plants everything started dying back early and I wished I had put in more plants.  One friend says she strips the leaves off the plants so better ripening can happen.  I could do a little of that if they get crowded.
I have a late variety of lilacs and they are just beginning to open.  They are right outside my bedroom window so I'm hoping for fragrance soon.

Here are the rest of my Mother's Day presents.  I'm looking forward to the grilling pan for chicken breasts for my salads and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I'll watch the videos and see other uses for it.

One more scrappy star..........

Last night I decided to look at all of the leftover triangle squares, sets of 2 mostly, one set of 8 matching.  I was able to put together one more star so if there is one I don't think works well I have a substitute to put in.  In fact I'm pretty sure this one will make it into the quilt.

Here are the real leftovers now.  There isn't enough consistency in values to use them in another block.

Yesterday was the beginning of a run of sunny warm days that we will be having.  I mowed the front and side yards but the back yard didn't need to be done.

The last 3 stars......maybe..........

I finally went out and picked a bouquet of Lily of the Valley.  I also pulled some weeds out by the root since we got over an inch of rain again on Wednesday.  
This is the block that was laid out in yesterday's post.  I changed the center 4 squares to dark values instead of the light that was in it.
I was using up the triangle squares that were already sewn and there isn't much variety left.
This is block #35.  I used the 4 center squares that were in yesterday's layout in this one.  They look much better here.  Now I need to arrange and rearrange the 35 blocks I have and see if they all play well together.  If they don't I will make some more.

For the buyers of the colorwash kits:  Here are some links of colorwash pieces in progress.
link onelink two, link three, link four.

Back at it...........

It rained yesterday afternoon so I had to stay inside and sew.......
I sewed 2 stars....

And designed one more.  I didn't sew this one yet because I'm not sure about it.  It is OK but not wonderful.  I think I want something different in the middle. 

I'm going to help a friend baste a quilt this morning.  I got it all laid out on the tables last night so it should go pretty fast.


After baking 2 batches of cookies, finishing the clean up in the basement and mowing the grass I laid out one more star block.  I did get it sewn last night but didn't press it yet.

The art quilters are coming today.  We don't have to worry about snow any more but would you believe there was a frost warning overnight the last 2 nights......not quite time yet to plant the tomatoes.  Maybe one more week and they will go into the ground.

Moving blocks............

The art quilters group is coming on Monday so I had to move the star blocks to the only double wall that they won't need to use.  First I placed them edge to edge.  If I had been consistent in placing the light medium and dark values in the same spots in every block a secondary pattern would have appeared.
I wanted each star to be a "star of the show" though so I decided I want a narrow sashing so that each individual star is seen instead of a mass of triangles.  My second layout simulates about a 1" sashing between blocks.

Now that the blocks are moved I can use my lint roller on all of the design walls, vacuum the basement and bake 2 batches of cookies. 

Later this week I will post links for my colorwash wallhangings in progress to help buyers of my batik colorwash kits to get started on their pieces.  I planned to do it today but I have other things that have to be done first.

Star progress..........

I sewed the block I designed on Thursday and designed and sewed another one.  It is hard to tell that they are the same block when they look so different.  Changing the position of the values makes all the difference.
One more got designed but not sewn.  I spent most of the day processing the sales of my batik kits, packaging and mailing a few. 

A lot of NO REPLY people have asked about fertilizing Christmas cactus since I mentioned it a few days ago.  I am no expert.  I get all of my information by doing a search on the internet.  I usually do a new search each spring to see if there is any new info out there.  I have a lot of blooms because I have a lot of plants, 28 of them.  The blooms aren't due to my expert growing skills.  I also had 3 die this winter and I can't figure out what went wrong with them.  So, my suggestion is that you do a search too and you will find out all kinds of interesting facts about the Christmas and Easter cacti.