Cutting a new stack..........

I started cutting strips of Kaffe fabric for this cutting project over a year ago.  I want to do another Kaffe colorwash but I have some other ideas for the 2.5" squares too.  I used them in this quilt - which isn't finished yet.
I started with fabric 01 which was out in the early 1990s.

Each fabric is a double layer and there are 3 fabrics (6 layers) in each stack.  I'm using the GO! die for this one because the Studio die doesn't cut as clean (I have to pull the squares out carefully at every intersection).  I could cut 10 layers with the Studio die but I spend a lot of time getting the piles of squares off the die.  The GO! die will cut 6 layers at a time and the fabric piles lift off easily.  I cut the long strips at the 8 1/8" mark twice for each pile of 6 layers.
I lay them on the die with the lengthwise grain leading into the roller.


After cutting this is all the waste there is.  This cutting project will probably take at least a month to finish.

I'm stacking them in a cookie sheet.  The larger sheet on the bottom will be the one where I fan out the layers so I can keep track of what I have cut.  The green square at the top of the tray isn't perfect.  Some of the fabrics had a swatch cut out of a corner so I will pull the imperfect squares and keep them separate.  They will probably get cut down to 2" squares at some point.