Refinished desk........

Two friends refinished my Larkin desk for me.  This has been in my life since I was a child.  My mother had painted it at one point and I thought I would refinish it.  After it sat in the garage for 10 years I realized I wasn't going to do it myself.  My bookcase that got moved to the studio used to sit in this spot.  You can see the dents in the carpet from it.

We finally had a sunny day yesterday so I could take a photo.  I'm probably changing out the books on the bottom shelf to smaller ones like I have on the top shelf.
It is a lot richer looking than the photo shows.  I love the inside of it.

Larkin desks were given in exchange for premium certificates from the Larkin soap company.  My grandparents were married in 1910 and in a search I found a scan of a 1908 catalog page with 2 desks pictured that are similar to ones we had.  My daughter has the other one.
Sometimes this trim on the front of the desk is damaged but mine is in great shape. 

I loaded a quilt on my longarm yesterday and also cut the second purple quilt which I won't start sewing until January.  I have decided there will be a third purple quilt with green added so I can use the first fabric shown on this post.