Almost blooming..........

The Amaryllis with the wax coated bulb is almost ready to bloom, probably 2 more days for all of the flowers to open.

I got some of the triangles for the border on the Flock of Geese quilt sewn.

I tried to take a clear photo of a baby in a new bouncy seat but this being the best of 4 photos is still a little blurry.  He was really enjoying it.  It is great to have some little children at the Christmas party again.
The 3 year old was trying on his new snow pants and coat and he heard me open a can of Dr. Pepper.  I poured most of it in my glass and gave him the can with about an ounce left in it.  Here he is getting the last drop out.  He was such a good boy opening his gifts  and really looking at and enjoying each one.  He crashed about mid afternoon and took a good nap.