Quilting and decorating........

I didn't accomplish much yesterday.  I did quilt another batch of mug rugs.  I'm using 12 wt. thread, a size 80 topstitching needle, and a 4.0 length stitch.  The piece of fabric at the right is the backing on 4 of these.  I have several batiks that never seem to work into a project so they become backings.
I don't do much decorating for Christmas because no one comes to my house to see it.  I did get the box down with the Christmas dish towels and fingertip towels and table runners.  This ornament never got put away from last year.  My daughter gave it to me about 35 years ago.  It is made of very thin painted metal and is one of my favorites.
This little handmade Santa sits on top of a Z for zebra block that a friend gave to me many years ago.  The Laurel Burch lion stands behind it.  I will put out a few more things tomorrow.

We got a little snow yesterday afternoon and more is expected today, maybe around 8".  It is going to be warmer today, right at freezing after 20s for a couple days.  I filled the bird feeders and put out more suet for the woodpeckers yesterday afternoon so I won't have to put on tall boots yet.