More mug rug progress...............

I took all of the quilted and trimmed mug rugs to the basement so I could lay them out and start choosing bindings for them.  They are all different sizes, whatever size I can trim the crazy piecing to straighten it is the size it ends up.
Here are the backings.  I needed 3 different bobbin thread colors to quilt them.

I ended up with 6 different binding fabrics for the 15 mug rugs.

As usual the weathermen were wrong.  A week ago they predicted 1-3" of snow and we got 6".  This weekend they predicted 8-10" and I think we got about 4".  We ended up in the warm section so the roads and driveways melted off.  Now we go into the deep freeze, -5 for Thursday morning, that is if they have it right this time.