Fussy cutting.......

A friend asked if I had any African fabric colorwash kits available.  I sent some larger pieces of fabric with her kits so she can fussy cut motifs.  While I had the fabric out I fussy cut some for myself.  I want to make another African colorwash wallhanging.  Here is the one I made previously.
I was outside just before sunset and noticed the burning bush has fully turned color and is dropping leaves.

I don't remember it having so many berries in previous years.

Red and green...that is nature's beautiful combination.  When I say I am mowing my grass, I am really mowing wild strawberry, Creeping Charlie, clover and grass.  

I really hate to dump my pots while they are still blooming so nicely.  It has been in the low 60s and is going to continue to be warm for about another week.  I know I will enjoy cleaning up more while it is warm than I will when it is freezing out but I think I'll give some of them a few more days.