Cleaning up...........

I'm trying to clean up and finish up several things.  I did some more tweaking on this colorwash and I'm ready to sew it together now. The center blends a lot better than it looks like here.  The camera loves to play tricks with value and color.  As soon as I get these squares off the wall I will clean the stray threads off the wall with my lint roller.
I was cleaning up near the Studio die cutter and cut a bunch of 1.5" squares to clean up the small scraps.

Here is the prettiest tree in my yard.  The leaves look like maple but most of the other maple trees around here turned orange and red.  It is a volunteer tree than Mother Nature planted for me and she didn't leave an identifying tag on it.

I still have tomatoes growing.  I picked all of the green ones when we had the light frost 2 nights in a row a few weeks ago.  I wrapped them in newspaper and they have been ripening about 3 a week so far.  Even though they aren't as good as the summer tomatoes, they are better than the ones at the grocery store.