June recap............

It seemed like a busy month but I only finished two quilt tops and didn't get anything quilted and finished.  The plaid Drundard's Path (cut with acrylic templates and rotary cutter) is 56" x 70".  Most of the plaids are Roberta Horton plaids from the 1990s.

The Keiko Goke Japanese fabric quilt (cut with Strips 'n Curves templates and rotary cutter) is 54" x 72".  I was almost done with the Marcia Derse triangle quilt but I spent time pulling weeds instead of sewing yesterday.

The year is officially half over.  I used 87 yards of fabric in my projects for the first 6 months.  I quilted 11 quilts and finished one table centerpiece and 2 table runners.  I made 15 quilt tops that didn't get quilted yet.  The rest of the tops are in the finished group.  

I have one bonus plant this year, a snapdragon growing in the crack of the driveway.  It gets very little water and is doing just fine.

I have a tomato starting to turn red.  The squirrels have already picked 2 tomatoes and took one bite and left them on the ground.  I have now hung a bunch of small aluminum pans from the rings of the cages.  I hope that keeps them away.
I showed the elephant ear last week and it had one leaf the size of the small leaf on the right.  Now that leaf is the big one.  I have another one in another pot and one leaf is just starting to emerge.