2 more farm girl blocks.........

My 2 quilting friends came over yesterday and I decided I would work on some more of the Farm Girl Quilt blocks.  I made the 2 cherry blocks in the top center......3 hours.
I think I need to make the big tractor block next and some of the flower blocks.

Then I cut the leaf parts of a stem and leaf block and made enough for 5 blocks or maybe I will double stack two of these for a taller stem since they will be sunflowers......another hour.

Then in one hour last night I made all of these blocks.  You can probably guess which ones I enjoyed the most.  I really dislike all of those connector corner squares sewn on almost every part of the Farm Girl blocks.  They are so fiddly to do it right and it takes forever to cut all of the little pieces for each block out of several different fabrics.  As much as I like the quilt I don't have the patience to spend hours on one 6" block.