Half of the blocks...........

I have half of the blocks sewn for the pink 16 patch quilt so I decided to try another layout.  This is on a 7' tall design wall and the vertical rows will be the horizontal rows of the quilt.  I took the rows down and numbered and clipped them.  I have a lot of sewing to do for the other half before I can design the rest of it.

A little info: there are NO batiks in this quilt, all regular quilting cotton prints.  I have a tutorial for the 16 patch here.  It assures seams going in opposing directions all through the quilt if you follow the directions.
The Rudbeckia are starting to bloom.  I see I have one plant in the  back garden now too.  I don't remember if I transplanted one last year or just spread the seeds back there.

The elephant ear plant isn't growing very tall yet but the leaves are getting big.

Here is the other one.  So far there is just one leaf.

Some of the blogs I read use this size font.  My old eyes don't like this size.  I have to strain to read it.

This is the font called normal and yes, you have to choose it each time you do a post, but it is so much easier to read.

This is the font I choose to use.  Maybe that pinpoints me as an old person who can't see well but I think I am being kind to you readers too.  I am much more likely to read something that I can read easily.  Any comments?